Turn off Screens, Turn on Life

Do you ever feel like your child’s life is overrun with electronics? Our world is inundated with advanced technology so it is not easy for a child to disconnect from screens. Managing a healthy, balanced life can be a daily challenge for all of us.  Research has linked the excessive use of electronics to attention problems, childhood obesity, sleep disturbances, behavior problems, depression, anxiety, social awkwardness , and poor school performance. Of course, we would like to prevent everything on this list!

Did you know that April 30th to May 6th was Screen-Free Week in America? I did NOT, but I think it is a great idea! Screen-Free Week, sponsored by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, is meant to encourage children, families, and schools to “turn on life” by turning off their screens.

If you think your home needs a little better balance with TV, Ipods, Ipads, Xbox, and the like, create your own screen free week for your family. In many cases, we parents are modeling excessive use of and dependence on electronics and we all need to take a break.

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