Working with Adaptation

Children have an amazing ability to survive difficulty. They adjust their systems and adapt to what they are dealing with, even in complex and compromised states. These adaptations can cause other problems which  we as parents may find confusing. There are always reasons for their adapted function and behavior. 

A good example of an adaptation is “colic.” A child with symptoms of colic will attempt to communicate with their persistent cries. You, as parents, want desperately to help your child and stop those cries. At Healthy Child Now, we use several strategies to identify the source of the crying so that we can treat the child and relieve the source of the problem. “Colic” is much more than an upset stomach and when we identify and treat the problem source, the “colic” can resolve in a matter of hours.

We work with the  child’s adapted system to encourage healthful revisions to establish a more balanced state.  At Healthy Child Now, we believe that all children have the right to thrive and that all children are capable of thriving.